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When divorced parents of children do not practice the same religion, adjudicating issues regarding religious practice is extremely difficult. Due to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Florida Courts have long held that decisions regarding the child’s religion or the parents’ religious practices must be left to the parents, not the Court, absent a clear showing of “harm”, “risk” or “detriment” to the child. (more…)

Little known fact about Karen B. Weintraub of Sidweber & Weintraub, P.A.

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Karen B. Weintraub was a member of the First Family Law Inns of Court in Miami, FL.

For those of you not familiar with this organization, it fosters excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills. The First Family Law Inns of Court of Miami, is the Miami, FL member of The Mission of the American Inns of Court. Their mission is to improve the civility, professionalism and ethics of legal professionals in the field of family law.

More information regarding the skills and qualification of the lawyers of Sidweber & Weintraub, P.A. to be announced.

Did you know that Karen B. Weintraub, Esquire is ranked in the top 10% by Martindale-Hubbell?

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Did you know that Karen B. Weintraub is one of the top 10% of lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale by Martindale-Hubbell who’s profile is viewed most frequently on a weekly basis?

Not only that but that she received a 4.8 rating in family law by her peers on a scale of 1 to 5. Karen is a well-respected lawyer in the community.

What is the Effect of Divesting Marital Assets for “Marital Purposes”, on Equitable Distribution?

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Do you know that payments a spouse makes from a marital account, during dissolution of marriage or divorce proceedings, for purposes “reasonably related to the marriage”, should not be included in the equitable distribution scheme and “charged against” the spending spouse, unless there is evidence that one spouse intentionally dissipated the asset for his/her own benefit? (more…)