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Top Attorney Family Law

Karen Weintraub is an exceptionally professional and very effective Attorney. I had to release the first attorney I had selected who I fell irrationally ran up my bills in the tens of thousands. He was methodically slow and seemed well choreographed with my ex-wife’s attorney in creating continual delays and a lot of extra hours. I believe he intentionally made an initial unfair offer to my ex-wife and attorney that kicked of a volley of unnecessary offers and counter offers that “surprisingly” took up a lot of billable hours?? After releasing him I did a lot more homework to find Karen and she was expensive and worth every dime. She saved me a lot of money due to her very high competence and bringing in the right extra resources that brought everything to a prompt close. My best counsel in a divorce is to spend the time to find the best attorney you can find. You will know right away if they are working towards your goals or their goals.