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I , like many of my colleagues, including my legal friends , use the internet to answer just about any question we may have concerning our local business interest, our family, our health, and to a lesser extent, LEGAL ADVICE.

Yet our Marital relations are probably the most personal and sensitive areas of our lives, especially when there are children involved. I can relay one piece of advice for sure, after a 2 year contentous martial disolution, not to mention the cost, you will know that moment the incredible value of a good lawyer. Such is the case for Bob Sidweber.

Even today, using the power the World Wide Web, the selection of a highly competent Lawyer is generally a coin toss at best. Luckily, through recomendations of some close friends, Bob was the unanmious choice. I had no idea the life long impact that selection was to have on my life.

Bob had the nescessary skills and knowledge to recognize the long term impact of the decisions we were making on my behalf. He very skillfuly and artfully guided me through the maze, to eventually
bring a fair resolution for both parties.

I would certainly recommend Bob Sidweber in any Marital and divorce Issues.